On Anniversaries



Yes, a year ago a few days ago I’ve been in Australia a year. Time is one of those things that is hard to pin down. Some moments felt like they lasted forever, but looking back, a year hasn’t been a long time. Boy, how I’ve grown. It’s in those moments where you feel like you have everything figured out that life reminds you you can’t control shit.

This anniversary of mine has given me a moment to reflect other milestones in my life. Romantic partners, tragedies, birth, death. In the end, though, every anniversary is made up of small moments of recollection. That first kiss. Frozen yogurt and Mexican food. How blue the sky was when you found out and how helpless you felt. Smiling through tears and reminding others to remember to eat. Seeing the pictures on Instagram and then seeing the reality in person over Thanksgiving dinner and realizing how cranky a baby can be. Knowing that friends will be friends and lovers will love regardless of distance or separation. The small comforts is what matters and we can only comprehend the whole by assigning a date to remind us to appreciate the times we have.

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