Secret Foodies and Adorable Animals

The weather here on the weekends has been gray, rainy and dull – welcome to autumn, I guess?

Didn’t stop me last weekend from going on a Secret Foodies dinner.

There was a mask at our table, one for each person. We didn't wear them.
There was a mask at our table, one for each person. We didn’t wear them.

Kind of wanted to go more for the food than for the experience, alas, the focus was the experience this time around. I’m not saying the food was bad, simply that I came into it with slightly different expectations. I plan on doing another Secret Foodies dinner in the coming months, so Alex didn’t make a hater out of me.

I don’t think I could ever be a hater of food or adorable animals. Who could?

The dinner was at the Wild Life Zoo on Darling Harbour. It was a group of about 50 people. We got to wander around the zoo while nobody else was there, which was cool because I didn’t actually know the zoo existed until I got the text 2 hours before the dinner. They tried to coax the kangaroos over to us but had little success, even after coaxing them with sweet potatoes.

We also had a chat about koala sexuality – and that one of the males was in ‘time out’ because he just had a mating season. They knew he was the one to choose because he had a big white ruff which is apparently quite sexy, he was marking his territory by smelling things up and was making really loud low-pitch grunts all the time. Real attractive, right?

at the zoo!
Another one of the koalas in the zoo. They were awake, which is rare.

The dinner itself was quite good, I believe I had lamb. As we ate outside it was difficult for me to actually see my plate at moments. But I ate it and it was yummy. The zoo keepers also brought out various animals, including a boa constrictor and a frog-mouth owl as well as a few other amphibians.

Still being relatively new to a city, this was a good way for me to get out and meet people, even if I never see them again in my life. One of the guys at my table introduced me to the show Suits and I’ve been binge watching it since, in small doses. So there’s that.

Not much else has happened in my life in the past month, so I’m signing off for now.

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