The Twelve Apostles

I am sooo glad we weren’t able to book the 7am trip for the 12 Apostles on New Year’s Day. Because New Year’s Day. In fact, the tour group we booked with didn’t even offer the 7am tour on New Year’s Day. Sensible, Australians are. And Yoda I am.

From Melbourne (pronounced MEL – bin) it’s about a 4 hour drive before we hit the 12 Apostles. We ran along some beach towns along the way on the Great Ocean Road. My mother said the drive reminded her of the drive along the Amalfi Coast, where we were screaming down hairpin turns on a one-and-a-half lane road to get into Maiori before dusk which was when they closed the gates to the town.

She says most drives along coastlines remind her of the drive along the Amalfi. Potentially because she’s not the biggest fan of heights.

Welcome to the Great Ocean Road
Welcome to the Great Ocean Road

Along the Great Ocean Road, we stopped at a place for lunch where we could go talk a walk with koalas in the trees. Me, I had dinner with the little beasts, so I walked across the road to the beach, snapped a few pictures and then found a nice grassy space near the bus to read…on my phone. First world problems, I guess.

I was more interested in the history of the Great Ocean Road than I expected. Apparently, the entirety of it is actually a war memorial. Was built by vets coming back after WWI (I believe, but don’t quote me) as a roadworks project. A New Deal type project inspired by Highway 1 along the California coast. Made me wish we could continue to improve the transpo situation in the States. It’s pretty poor.

After lunch, we kept driving. And driving. And driving. Finally, we hit the 12 Apostles:


It’s quite a stunning coastline. If you want to see it from above in a chopper, it was $99AUD for 10 minutes.

We explored the 12 Apostles from a number of different locations and heard about a shipwreck along one of the beaches, the story behind it, and saw quite the sunset – though not until after 9PM. That’s a tale for another day, though.

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