On Manhattan

New York City Serenade
New York City Serenade (Photo credit: joiseyshowaa)

I was lucky enough to grow up within a (relative) stones throw of “The Big Apple.” We went to the Met (nearly every year) for field trips; I’ve seen at least 20 Broadway plays and musicals. I know how to navigate the subways and run around the city in high heels thanks to multiple summer internships in my college years. I was also part of the select communities that was directly affected by 9/11. (It still doesn’t feel like it’s been over 10 years).

New York City is a place that, honestly, has helped define me as a person. When I go back to the city these days (which is less and less frequent as where I am is a bit farther afield than where I grew up), I make fun of the tourist, and it feels a little bit like coming home.

I’ll be going into the city next weekend to meet a friend, will hopefully be able to take some pictures and update this article so it’s a bit less self-reflective and self-important.

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