about elsewhere traveler


My name is Amanda King. At the moment, I am the Elsewhere Traveler. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries. That includes:

  • Singapore
  • India
  • Iceland
  • Mongolia
  • Vietnam
  • Belgium

I lived in China for a year, but am losing what Chinese I knew (hence the photo over there with me in front of that big wall that they have over there).

My first trip was to London with my parents when I was ten, and haven’t stopped traveling since. I’ve always loved travel and wanderlust sings in my blood. Yes, I graduated college with a degree in English, too, hence the flowery language.

I’m not currently a digital nomad or location independent, and I don’t plan to be anytime soon. Even though I’m a traveler at heart, I like to have roots. I’m an explorer with a home port, doing my best to balance the best of both worlds and learning to look at my own home bases with the eyes of an explorer rather than a jaded local.

Most of what you’ll be seeing on the site are stories from my previous travels – so be warned, they’ll be tinged with a bit of nostalgia. I’ll also be talking about travel-related things, whether it’s budgeting or solo traveling, relationships, current news or places that I want to go, you’ll hopefully be hearing from me with some regularity.

And if you want to get in touch, just give a shout!

PS, right now one of the things that I’m working on with the site is getting all the social stuff together, but for now, you can:

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